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About Us

For more than 25 years our independent advisors have been guiding Public and Private employers with their healthcare and benefits administration. Working primarily in the Southeast, BeneTrend has a new way of solving an old problem: rising employee benefit plan costs.

The biggest benefits to what BeneTrend offers in solving the problem are in the realm of Quality, Control and Flexibility.Team (4).JPG

Why Control?

Because reports come often, adaptations can be made to the benefit program, which improve outcomes and keep costs contained.

Better Quality?

By tracking service calls, questions and received benefits, we maintain the highest standard of both care and customer service.

How Flexible?

Our advisors are engaged to identify additional cost saving opportunities while custom building a plan that supports your objectives and offers a range of options matching the needs of a diverse workforce.

This is a new spin, built on years of benefits consulting and insurance expertise.

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