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Employees fill out one simple web-based insurance application form and their information automatically populates an unlimited number of carrier applications. Employee data is stored securely, making next year's enrollment as EASY as just updating their information.

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“The objective of the HR Support Center is to help you become more successful by providing easily accessible solutions to your largest HR challenges. The HR Support Center will provide you with the most up-to-date information and tools necessary to reduce the effort needed on your part to understand how to manage the day to day HR functions of your business. Let’s take a look at what’s available to you!"

Here you will find our comprehensive employee handbook resources as well as hundreds of form, letter, and job description templates.

  • Templates can be downloaded and customized, and then submitted to HR On-Demand for a review of federal and state requirements by an HR Professional.
  • Templates include those created by our HR Professionals as well as many government HR forms.
Visit the Laws tab to explore our state and federal law libraries, searchable by state, category or term.
  • Each law is written in tenth grade English, minus all of the legalese.
  • Our Alerts section includes a list of the most recent legal changes and legislative news. Under the “My Account” tab (and then eAlerts), you can opt in to receive these updates proactively via email.
Stay up to date with diverse HR information and trends by visiting this tab.
  • Under this tab, take the 3-Minute HR Audit, a ten question quiz that addresses the most basic HR policies and procedures within a business. You will get a score from 1-50; the results provided to you indicate how the HR Support Center can help you to be successful in each area of focus.
  • Also includes an HRCast (monthly verbal trainings), articles, Q&A database, and more!
My Account
Here, you can edit your profile, sign up for eAlerts, and review your 3-Minute HR Audit results.

Training & Education
Home to our popular Training On-Demand resource; a library of free, comprehensive pre-recorded trainings on a wide range of training topics including: Hiring, Employee & Workplace Administration, Employee Relations, Benefits, Leaves, Employee Rights, Termination and much more.

  • New Training On-Demand presentations will be added every month.
  • The Training & Education tab also includes links to theHRAcademy registration page (live training), eAlerts,articles, and other resources found under the Knowledge tab
Quick Guides
In our Quick Guides section, we’ve compiled the information and resources of the HR Support Center with regards to several of the most commonly addressed HR topics onto individual topic pages for ease of access.
  • Quick Guides include a checklist of items to ensure you address, our top tips, and all of our templates and articles.
The Benefits section is formatted just like our Quick Guides, but includes all benefits related sub-categories.
  • Visit this tab to stay up to date on your health care reform knowledge and download any related documents.
  • Also includes informative resources and templates relating to Leaves of Absence, COBRA, HIPAA, and more!
Resource Center
Visit this tab to learn of any third party resources made available to you.

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