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Wellness Success Stories

HR professional down in pounds and insurance premiums, BeneTrend wellness initiative produces real results.
“I’m the poster child for the company,” said Sandra Rogers, Human Resources Generalist for Rovema. She’s got a new look, a new wardrobe and a healthier workforce. She’s also saved her company increased insurance premiums. How did she do it?

Rovema, with 74 employees at their Georgia and Florida locations, makes machines that create custom packaging for companies like Kraft and Starbucks. And they’ve also been making their employees healthier through a wellness initiative.

The Better Benefits
“A multi-year plan of wellness bends the trend of increasing insurance costs down to zero. We believe employers should look at managing healthcare costs by managing a healthier workforce,” explained BeneTrend’s Scott Burrell, whose team coordinates insurance benefits and the wellness program at Rovema.

Over 20 employees participated actively. Sandra believes in the program, not just because it saves participants’ insurance premium cost increases, but because it worked for her. “I figured this would be an opportunity to lead by example,” said Sandra.

The Real Results
Sandra shared, “The program itself is to help employees identify problem areas they want to correct. I concentrated on weight. I’ve lost 60 pounds in the time that I started this program.”

With the help of the program’s weekly wellness coach, Sandra changed some of her behaviors. She changed her eating habits and began exercising 4-5 times a week, instead of her former 2-3 times per month. “Once I got in those habits, it came to me naturally,” said Sandra.

The coach helped with goal setting, and Sandra was able to keep track of her progress through the wellness website. She said, “I go in and use the personal journals.”

The yearlong program stayed fresh through a biggest loser contest. Sandra won for the women, but was neck-and-neck on pounds lost with the man who won.

After she lost the weight, Sandra needed a whole new wardrobe. “I went from a size 18 to a size 8,” she said.

The new clothes were her favorite part. But Sandra waited until she was at her target size. She explained, “People would say, ‘Your clothes are a little big. When are you going shopping?’”

The wellness initiative worked for others, too. “I have one individual who is working on smoking cessation. There are others working on stress. There are others who knew that they are candidates for diabetes, and they are looking to prevent that,” said Sandra.

Scott Burrell explained, “Wellness initiatives can keep people from going into diabetes. That’s a huge savings and return on investment from a wellness program.”

For Sandra, it’s about health benefit, not just for Rovema’s staff, but also for her family. She shared that they are all eating and living better because of her new awareness and personal motivation, including her nine and seven-year-olds. And Sandra is continuing her work to tone and improve. She’s looking for washboard abs.

Sandra has only good things to say about her benefits advisors, “It is wonderful and refreshing to work with BeneTrend. Lisa is very helpful with whatever information I need. The group is very responsive. I enjoy the personal touch I get from them. We’re making each other’s jobs so easy.”

BeneTrend offers a whole stable of wellness options. Explained Scott, “If Rovema were a larger employer, their next step after wellness would be an onsite health clinic, which BeneTrend can facilitate. It increases productivity and decreases absenteeism. It saves money because it’s more efficient than going to a doctor.”

Sandra feels and looks better than she has in years. She said, “It’s been a great journey. I really have enjoyed it. It worked for me.”


Integrated Science & Engineering, Inc., GA (Peachtree City, Savannah) Small Group (under 100 employees)
Contact Lisa Henderson: HR and Benefit Manager

The Problem
Renewal Time 2010: New Health Reform (PPACA) Laws are now passed. Our concern: How will these new laws affect our employees in multiple sites if we change anything? What does it mean to us if we lose our “Grandfather” status – a new concern? If we change to a new Carrier, how much more will the premiums be and how will the benefits change? Will there be good access to qualified Providers with a change?

The Solution
BeneTrend Advisors (led by Christy Watrous) performed extensive research as ongoing updates and change occurred within PPACA. BeneTrend’s expert guidance helped isolate facts, options and insights. Market analytics were compiled to clearly show us choices in line with ISE’s best interest. The decision to remain with our current Plan (thus keeping our Grandfathered status), was the wiser choice. As laws become more defined throughout the next year, we are certain that the BeneTrend Team will keep us updated and help keep us moving in the right direction.

The Better Benefits
ISE was able to retain current benefits without negatively impacting employees. Unforeseen Plan changes were avoided lessening our risk of making a longer term less informed decision.

The Real Results
BeneTrend’s advisors took the stress from ISE by providing the tools to make a difficult decision when the health care laws were still being defined. Thanks to BeneTrend, we avoided making a decision that could have had negatively affected our employees.


Southern States Police Benevolent Association

“The meeting we had for health insurance enrollment here last month was one of a kind. Jaki Turner did the presentation and her level of professionalism was just outstanding. After the meeting I told her how appreciative I was of the way that she presented the material to our company, and that she did it in a way that was educational.

After the meeting and for a few days afterwards, I have had numerous employees come up to me and tell me how much they actually “enjoyed” the insurance meeting. (That has Never happened before!) Jaki has helped our company and employees in a big way this past year, and the presentation was truly professional. She is an asset to your company.

Wayne Tubb Southern States Police Benevolent Association Finance Director