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Integrated Lifestyle Strategies

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Properly constructed Wellness Programs create awareness with the insured population that can save lives and costs. As healthcare costs rise, employers discover that employee health improvement programs are their best weapons to combat the trend. They are the only way to achieve sustainable, long-term cost savings, by helping employees discover their health risks, and motivating them to make changes to improve their overall health.

We design courses tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. Our team provides courses and programs that allow classes and workouts with our contracted trainers and wellness team.

For example, the Q-90 System will mark and tract trends every 90 days from the baseline date. In a fun, points based program, we offer health and wellness workshops, health-risk appraisals and screenings and strategic wellness initiatives that recognize employees and give appreciation incentives.

  • Healthcare costs are rising
  • Wellness initiatives cut costs and improve lifestyle
  • Benetrend is on the cutting edge of wellness and benefits

Caring about the health of employees saved premiums for Rovema, see their Success Story